Securing trust through
client commitment

Our Family Office is exclusively committed to your individual demands and needs. Every single service we provide is following this principle. Therefor it´s mandatory for us to stay independent from third parties, especially from institutional parties and other companies. Also, we strictly waive transaction and performance related remuneration and fees.

To keep the above-mentioned distance, Spudy Group does not provide its own asset management – differing from most other Multi Family Offices. Instead Spudy will assist you in finding the appropriate asset manager and will monitor his or her work. Your benefits are the best possible consulting quality tailored to your needs and truly independent Controlling and Reporting Services.



Our function

Spudy Family Office is your representative in all matters relating to your assets. We are the key contact for Banks, Shareholdings, Financial Service Providers, Tax Advisers, Asset Managers and Insurance Companies. This Service will make your everyday life easier. It will even create more room for the more important things in life. Meanwhile Spudy Family Office will prepare all the relevant topics and questions for you so you’ll be able to make the right decisions at any time to secure your assets over generations.

Asset Holder/Family without Spudy Family Office

As an Asset Holder who is not represented by a Family Office you’d spend most of your time and care on dealing with different demands, coordination, operational activities, controlling, accounting, and communication with different service providers. This time could be used for strategic considerations and decisions instead.

Asset Holder/Family with Spudy Family Office

The Family Office undertakes all operative tasks. It filters and brings together relevant contents, provides advice on strategic issues and represents your interests versus business partners and service providers. These services create the space and time you need for decisions you can only make yourself.

Our expertise

In two business locations – Hamburg and Frankfurt a.M. – the Spudy Family Office Team consists of 40 experiences Specialists. The Team is specialized asset structuring, tax strategy, auditing, controlling and reporting, risk analysis, Family Governance, questions relating to foundations and direct investments. The team-members are working closely together to maintain, control and develop the client’s assets. If needed our international network of experts is at our disposal.

You can pick from our single components or seek information about our full range offer.

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Consolidation of total assets creates transparency and serves as a decision making tool



Early Risk Detection and Development Prospects through continuous analysis and classification of total assets



Through strategic and operative planning we create process models and confidence to act



Strategic and tactical allocation of total assets creates risk and return-optimized portfolios


Family Governance


By developing and moderation the Family Strategy we create cross-generational values and short and long-term goals

Family Governance

Real Estate


Long term real estate value and real estate portfolio development trough active Real Estate Management



As a result of our expertise we provide appropriate and solution-oriented representation of interests



Permanent supervision of all transactions and cash flows creates transparency and security



We take over more time-consuming responsibilities to create relief and freedom for our client



Spudy Company Wealth protection over generations


Spudy Group 3 pillars to ensure consistency


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