3 pillars
to ensure consistency

Our network

As a Corporate Network Spudy Group consists of Spudy Family Office, the Spudy Real Estate Specialists and ICR, a renowned Service Provider in Controlling and Reporting. As a whole the associated Spudy Group companies provide a comprehensive range of services for asset holders with large and complex estates as well as Real Estate and Shareholding Investment.

Additional and on specific request they offer special services as there is Foundation Consultancy, Execution of Will, Selection of Shareholdings and Family Back Office Services.

Our competence within our network

Family Officer Financial Consultants Foundation Consultants Asset Controllers
Private-Equity Experts Investment Managers Financing Experts
Tax Advisers Auditors Lawyers Executors
Real Estate Managers Engineers Analysts Accountants

Our companies

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Spudy Group 3 pillars to ensure consistency


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